Meaning of HTTPS and how to Enable HTTPS for your blogger blog

HTTP every one know about it but do you know meaning of HTTP  meaning of  HTTP is (hyper text transfer protocol) and  HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP  HTTPS Meaning is hyper text transfer protocol secure and all big websites are using HTTPS version because it's batter  then HTTP blogger gives you  an option to turn on HTTPS for you blogspot blog and in this post i will show how to enable HTTPS for your blogspot blog.
facebook google youtube and all banking websites are on HTTPS because hackers can stole your data from HTTP but they can't see your data if you are on HTTPS that's why you need to enable HTTPS of your website/Blog.

 how to Enable HTTPS for your blogger blog

to activate HTTPS of your blogspot/blogger blog go to and if you are not logged then login your bog and go to your blog dashboard by clicking on blog title.
now click on setting

 in basic setting tab you will see HTTPS
HTTPS Redirect option which is set on no just click on it and set it no to yes.

now HTTPS is activated of your blogspot blog you will faced some problems  like mixed content errors but you might not face any error if your images stylesheets are hosted on blogger platform.

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