How To Get Adsense Approval 2016

google adsense is very popular platform introduced by google
by using adsense we can turn our passion into profit
by showing google adsense ads on our website or blog
but getting adsense approval is not so easy
to get adsense approval we need to follow many policies of google adsense
google adsense is so strict in approving new adsense accounts.
but we can get approved by following some main policies
i just apply one time with my another blog and i got approved
to get adsense approval you need to follow few polices like you need to create five pages that are very important not only
to adsense approval but also that pages are useful for your website if you have those pages
then your visitors can know more about you and your website
read this article before applying  for adsense



About us is a most important  page for your website this page will tell your website
visitors that who you are and how can your website help your visitors
why peoples visit your website again and some other information about you and your website.

2 Contact Us

some times your website visitors need to contact you
but they don't know how that why we create contact us page
contact us is also important page of your site where your website visitors can know
how can they contact you in this page you have to tell  your website visitors
how can they contact you so when they need to contact you they can easily contact you


3 terms and conditions

the common reasons of creating terms and conditions page are Protecting your business
, Preventing abuses , Owning your content , Limiting liability, not be held
 responsible for such errors

4 Privacy Policy

this page is for inform website visitors about what information will be collected
 and whether it could be identifying.

What information specifically is being collected?

Will you be sharing information with anyone?

List the state and federal privacy laws and initiatives that you comply with.

Make opting-out easy and explain how it works.

State that the policy will be updated regularly.


5 copyright issues

copyrights issues page tell your website visitors that your content are protected with copyrights
so don't copy content from our website
According to the U.S Copyright Office
Copyright is a form of protection
provided to the creator of original works of initiation including
literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works.



 minimum 20 to 25 unique posts with 600 words that are not copied from other sites
and related with your blog category i mean if you have blog about computers then
post articles on computer only
and write all posts in english language without making mistake in grammar or spellings.

Website Design

use clean design  fast loading and easy to read for everyone

copied content

 Don't post copied articles and also don't copy and use images by searching on google images


5. Good traffic at least 200 visitor pr day.


Google adsense will approved your account if you follow all google adsense policies that i mention above.

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