Definitions of LOL GF GM H8 etc

hello guys as you hear and read some slang words on internet like lol m/f syl sry str8 but you don't know meanings of those words and some times you make wrong meanings by your own if you are finding true meanings of those words then you are at right place i got those meanings from google from my friend and from some other websites and today i am going to share with all of you i hope you will it..... so lets start.

Lshccomnaiweda – Laughing so hard coke came out my nose and i wasn't even drinking any

 LTNS – Long Time No See

L8R – Later

M/F – Male or Female

 Msg – Message

MMS – Multimedia message service

 M8 – Mate

 NE1 – Anyone

 NP – No Problem

OIC – Oh I See

OS – Operating system

 OMG – Oh my God!

 PLZ – Please

 PPL – People

 RIP – Rest in Piece

ROFL –rolling on the floor laughing

 s2pid – stupid

SD – Sweet Dreams

 SEC- second

 SEO – Search Engine Optimization

 sk8 – skate

 Some1 – someone

 Spoz – suppose

 Sry – sorry

SS – so sorry

str8 – Straight

SU – shut up

SYS – see you soon

 STFU – Shut the Fuck Up

 SUP – What’s Up

SYL – See you later

THX – Thank You

 TTYL – Talk To You Later

TG – That’s great

TGIF – Thank god its Friday

TOS – Terms of service

 TOY – Thinking Of  You

 TC – Take Care

TY –Thank You

 U – You

U4E – Yours For Eve

WB – Welcome Back

WTF – What the Fuck

 W8 – Wait

 AFK – Away From Keyboard

 ASAP – As Soon As Possible

ASL – Age/Sex/Location

ATM – At The Moment

A3 – Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

BBL – Be Back Later

 BBS – Be Back Soon

BBQ – Barbecue

 BFN/B4N – Bye For Now

BRB– Be Right Back

 BRT – Be Right There

 BTW – By The Way

 B4N – Bye For Now

Blog – Also known as web log or an online journal

CU – See You

 CYA – See You

 CUZ – Because

COZ – Because

DIY – Do it Yourself

 DND – Do not Disturb

DOS – Dozing off soon

 FAQ – Frequently asked questions

 FTL – For the loss

FTW – For the win

 FYI – For your information

GR8 – Great!

GTG – Got to Go

 G9 – Genius

GBTW – Get back to work

 GF – Great/good fight/girlfriend

GFU – Good for you

 Gratz – Congratulations

 GM – Good Morning

GN – Good Night

HAND – Have A Nice Day

 H8 –Hate

HF – Have fun

 IC – I See

ICQ – I Seek you

 ILU – I Love You

 IM – Instant Messenger

 J/K – Just kidding

KISS – Keep it simple stupid

 LDR – Long Distance Relationship

 LMAO – Laugh My A Off

LOL – Laughing Out Loud

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