How To Create Your Own Brushes In Adobe Photoshop

by using brush tool we can make more beautiful designs in Adobe Photoshop there are so many website where you can download many brushes but some times we need a special brush which is not available on any website if you need then you can create your own brush in Adobe Photoshop and can use it like other brushes and in this tutorial you will learn How To Create Your Own Brushes In Adobe Photoshop.

So Let's start the tutorial.

How To Create Your Own Brushes In Adobe Photoshop

making brush is not hard work any one can do it and in this tutorial i will show you easy way to create your own brush
so first of all open adobe Photoshop and open image that you  want to use as  brush

i choose above image  in above image  we need to select our area that we are going to make our brush but in this tutorial i choose image with white background so i  have to just remove it's background
by using magic eraser tool.

after removing background your image look like following screen shoot.

now go to edit and click on define brush option

that's it your  brush  is ready now you can use it like other brushes

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