save webpage as html to read it when you are offline

often we see an important webpage that we want to read/see again but sometimes we are not able to find this page again but if you will save that page then you can read it any time without even  internet connection we need to save that page   in this tutorial i will show you how to save webpage as .html to read it again  how to save a webpage for offline viewing.

save webpage as html to read it when you are offline

so first of all go to webpage that you want to save i found an article in urdu that i will save as html file so after found your webpage click ctrl+s which is save as shortcut after pressing ctrl+s you will see a new window which look like following screenshot.
select save as type webpage complete and press enter or click on save your file will be saved in your selected folder as my web page is saved in download folder.

so your web page is saved now you can read it simply by double clicking on it and it is saved in your computer so you don't need internet connection to read see file address in address bar it's file:///C:/Users/admin/Downloads/your-web-page.html

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