How To Increase Adsense cpc visit this post if your adsense cpc very low

cpc (cost per click) very low cpc will give very low $ pr click many peoples are  thinking that  earning from AdSense is too easy they think they can easily earn 100$ in 1 month but the truth is they can't earn if they don't have so much traffic if you have 200 page views per day then you have to wait for one year to get 100$ from AdSense because google AdSense pay after earning 100$ and if you have 200 page views then how many clicks you will receive from your visitors ? i think 1 or 2 per day and if your cpc cost per click is too low like 0.1 0.10 or 0.11 then forget to earn from AdSense tomorrow i got 2100 pageviews and just 2 clicks and i earn just 0.40$ then i realize about increasing  cpc and i got a little tip to increase cpc by doing this we can increase our cpc 30% to 40% and in this article i am gonna show you how to increase google AdSense cpc so let's start.

i hope every one know that in different countries and ads categories cpc is different like uk usa cpc is good and  Insurance Loans ads categories will give good cpc (cost per click)
few more ads categories are

High CPC  Keywords. 

  1. Attorney
  2. Mortgage
  3. Lawyer
  4. Credit
  5. Degree
  6. Donate
  7. Claim
  8. Hosting

so how can you increase your AdSense cpc?

you can increase by showing high cpc ads you need to block low cpc ads from your adsense account
and in this article i will show you how can you block low cpc ads from your adsense account.

How To Increase Google AdSense cpc

so go to and lo gin your AdSense account if you are already logged then click on
Allow & block ads tab from.

now click on Sensitive categories tab here  you will see  high cpc categories  and  % Ad Impressions
from % Ad Impressions  list you will see % of categories block all low % categories as you can see my % Ad Impressions i think i need to block all :P because my all categories giving me to low cpc .

you can block some low categories as i block 0.1 and 0.2 from your accounts you can block categories that giving you too low cpc.

by doing this you can increase your cpc if you face any problem you can ask me here by dropping your comments below.


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August 27, 2016 at 10:38 PM ×

Is SayAcha Youtube Hai. 1000 views= 1$
Bcz Am working on youtube with WWE Videos.
Anyway Thanks


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